About Us

Total Solution

Through a comprehensive range of solutions in system design, implementation, project management, test, validation and maintenance, clients can expect reliable and efficient one-stop solution featuring the following competitive advantages:

Strategic partnership: Acromec’s priority is in establishing a strategic partnership with each client, tailoring and implementing the highest quality and most cost-effective solution.

Economies of scale: Through sourcing of materials from a vast network of global suppliers, Acromec clients are able to benefit fully from economies of scale.

Compliance: Acromec keeps abreast of the latest international best practices and complies with international standards.

Dedicated team: With a focus on delivering high quality end results, Acromec’s team of highly knowledgeable engineers and support staff ensure the success of every project.

Knowledge-based solutions: Through knowledge-based solutions, Acromec undertakes a value-add approach to each of its projects.